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Lamp Spectrum Database - DATA USAGE GUIDELINES

Notice to users: The public domain data you are about to download are contributed by Martin Aubé and Johanne Roby from CÉGEP de Sherbrooke. Principal Investigators (PIs) , are responsible for deployment, maintenance and data collection. PIs has priority use of the data collected. PIs are entitled to be informed of any other use of that data.

PIs contact information is

Martin AubéJohanne Roby
Département de PhysiqueDépartement de Chimie
(819) 564-6350 #4146(819) 564-6350
CÉGEP de Sherbrooke
475 rue Parc
Sherbrooke, QC
(819) 564-1579 (FAX)

Recommended guidelines for data use and publication: Although journal paper authorship and acknowledgement is the domain of the senior author and no policy is universally applicable, the contributors ask that every practical attempt be made to honor the following general guidelines.

Using Lamp spectral database: Please consult with the PIs of the data to be used.

Publishing a 'few' data: Please consider authorship for the PIs and/or the following acknowledgement:

We thank the (Project/PIs) for their efforts in establishing and maintaining the Lamp spectrum database.

Publishing 'many' data: A general acknowledgement is typically sufficient and may read:

We thank the (PIs investigators) and technical staff for establishing and maintaining the Lamp spectrum database used in this investigation.

However if the Lamp spectrum database is a principal component of the paper then co-authorship to PIs should be offered.

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